After I left the artist colony armed with my proposal for Rock N Roll Mamas, I submitted it to the Hollywood Theatre  for fiscal sponsorship.  Forming my own nonprofit for the  film was not an option for me as it would have required time, energy, and money I did not have.  At the same time, I did want the film to be able to accept tax deductible donations.  Therefore, I needed a fiscal sponsor that was already a nonprofit organization.  I talked with my fellow documentary filmmaker friends for advice; with that I came to the conclusion that the Hollywood Theatre was the go to fiscal sponsor in town.  Thankfully, they accepted my project and Rock N Roll Mamas was off and running.

When I left off in my last segment, it was 2003 and I was getting ready to start filming Fern Capella, the very first rock mom filmed for Rock N Roll Mamas.  I filmed Fern locally in Portland for my first shoot and then followed her to San Francisco for a festival she was performing in.

While filming Fern in Portland at a variety show, I noticed a very dynamic young hip-hop mc performing and saw her son dancing in the audience, a very sweet toddler.  This was Ms. Su’ad.  I approached Ms. Su’ad after her performance, told her what I was doing, and asked her if she would be willing to be filmed as a part of Rock N Roll Mamas.  Su’ad agreed.

I am very fortunate to live in Portland, especially for this project.  There is a very rich music and arts scene here and the arts community is very collegial and accessible.  As such, I found my next subject, Lisa Miller, the leader of the honkey tonk/country band, Lisa and Her Kin, by the suggestion of a fellow documentary filmmaker and friend in town.

I began to create a trailer featuring these ladies that I would show at a big fundraiser event I put together at the Hollywood Theatre.  All the subjects performed at the fundraiser as well as other bands, and performers who supported the project (more proof of the amazing, supportive artistic community here in Portland, OR)  Food was donated and Rock N Roll Mamas tee-shirts were sold; it was a fun night and raised the seed money I needed for the next phase of the film.

Tune in next time for the next phase of Rock N Roll Mamas.

Thanks for reading.


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