Hi All,

Picture is locked on Rock N Roll Mamas (for folks not in the film biz, this means we are done editing the cut and are not making anymore changes); we’re moving into the color correction, sound mixing stage.  It’s very exciting.

My producer, Tara Johnson-Medinger, will be taking the film to the American Film Market next month to shop it around to distributors.  Distributors look highly on films that have a lot of likes on Facebook.  As such, we’re trying to expand our reach and get up to 1000 likes by November 1.  Please help us achieve this and like our page if you haven’t already and spread the word, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rock-N-Roll-Mamas/118102004889463?ref=ts&fref=ts 

Thanks so much for all of your continued support.

I’ll keep you posted on the film’s further progress as it happens.

Take good care.


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